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4 Ways To Avoid The Westside Traffic Jam

4 Ways To Avoid The Westside Traffic Jam

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If you've ever been to Los Angeles, then you know that the traffic here is no joke. The infamous "Westside Traffic Jam" can easily turn a 20-minute drive into an hour-long journey. But don't worry – with these four tips, you'll be able to bypass the gridlock and get where you're going in no time.  

1. Plan your route in advance and try to avoid the busiest streets. If you're looking to avoid the traffic on the west side of Los Angeles, you'll need to plan your route in advance. The best way to avoid the congestion is to take surface streets rather than the freeway. If you can't avoid traveling during rush hour, try timing your trip to coincide with off-peak hours. You can also use Waze or another navigation app to help you find the quickest route.

2. Get off the freeway at an earlier exit to avoid being stuck in traffic. If you're already on the freeway and see that the traffic is backed up, consider getting off at an earlier exit. This will put you on surface streets, where the traffic is usually a lot lighter.

3. Ride a bike or walk instead of driving. If the traffic is really bad, consider leaving your car at home and biking or walking to your destination. This may take a little longer, but it's a great way to avoid the gridlock.

4. Use public transportation. If you don't want to deal with the traffic at all, consider using public transportation. Los Angeles has a great bus and rail system that can get you where you need to go without having to battle through the congestion.

The Westside Traffic Jam can be a real headache, but with these four tips, you'll be able to avoid it and get where you're going in no time. So, the next time you're in Los Angeles, be sure to use these strategies to make your journey a lot easier.

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