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5 Ways A Roommate Will Make Your Apartment Experience Better

5 Ways A Roommate Will Make Your Apartment Experience Better

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If you’re trying to decide whether to live with your roommate or alone, we have some advice that could help you make your decision. We understand that signing a lease is already a big commitment and choosing to do it with someone else can feel complicated. But living with a roommate can actually make your rental experience better. Here are five ways a roommate can make your luxury LA apartment living situation the best it can possibly be. 



1) Enjoy the Additional Company. Sure, you can always invite friends over to your place, but sometimes it's just not feasible. When you have a roommate, though, they're always there for some company – no matter what time of day or night it is. Plus, roommates can help keep each other entertained. Whether you're watching TV, playing video games, or throwing dinner parties in the kitchen, you'll never be alone when there's someone else around. 

2) Split Housing Costs. This is probably the most obvious benefit of having a roommate. When you split the cost of rent and utilities, your monthly expenses go down, which can be a huge relief when money is tight. 

3) Safety In Numbers. When you live alone, it's easy to feel vulnerable at times. Whether you're coming home late after work or getting up early in the morning to go running, there are times where you might be scared of what could happen when no one else is around. When you have a roommate though, they can make sure nothing bad happens while also giving that extra sense of security. Plus, if something does happen, you'll have someone to help you out.  

4) Split Chores. This goes along with the safety benefit mentioned above. When you live with someone else, it's easier to keep your place clean because there's always another set of hands around to help out. And let's be honest – no one likes living in a mess.  

5) Share a Meal. When you live alone, cooking for yourself can be time-consuming and frustrating. When you have a roommate though, they're there to split the load of getting dinner on the table each night – whether that's just making one meal together or putting in some extra effort into preparing something special. Roommates are great at sharing kitchen space too. Plus, you can save money on groceries each month. 



Living with a roommate can be difficult, but it's time to put those thoughts aside and take advantage of the many benefits. There are five ways you'll find having someone else around will make your living situation better and more enjoyable. You'll have more company when you're home alone; share rent or utilities with them; feel safer because there is always another set of hands available (whether they’re cooking for two people); and finally, cooking food for two instead of one is much easier! If this sounds like something that would work well in your life, explore furnished co-living Westchester apartments at Concourse today. 

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